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Wood Installation

We Offer Many Different Choices

Wood flooring is always a classic. In today’s market, there are three main options for achieving the warmth and permanence that the wood flooring so timelessly provides. Below are a few samples of carpet types and colors.

For Home And Business

Traditional hardwood floors are the premier style of wood flooring for homes and offices. There are many options and price ranges when it comes to hardwood floors. Traditional hardwood floors come in two styles: prefinished and unfinished, which are comparable in price.

Custom Wood

Expertly Crafted And Installed

Custom wood floors have never been more popular. We have a wide arrange of designs to match any décor. From sophisticated contemporary to hand scraped rustic, wood flooring is suitable for most areas of the home. 

We offer new “pre-finished” varieties and more traditional “finished-in-place” types of wood flooring. We can come to your house for a free estimate. We can help you choose the type of wood and finish that will complement your home, lifestyle and budget.

S&H Flooring will expertly install your custom wood flooring by one of our skilled craftsmen. Our prices and quality of products and installations beat most competitors.

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