Flashback Brown Petrified

You’ve requested it, and here it is: a wood-look porcelain tile! Flashback Brown Petrified offers so much, you’ll be amazed.

• Gorgeous realism—thanks to Clarity Digital Imaging, the color is rich and the detail is lavish
• Incredibly durable, it’s freeze-thaw stable and literally goes anywhere—put it inside, outside, in the basement or on the deck, in residential or commercial installations
• Recycled content — 40%
• Made in USA
• Three of the four colors (600, 700 and 775) are proven best sellers—they’re three of the most popular colors in two of our most popular products (Pebble Hill hardwood and Heron Bay laminate)
We recommend that this product be installed with no less than a 3/16″ grout joint.

Tile Sizes
Field Tile Style
6″ x 24″ CS65K
6″ x 36″ CS36M
Wear Rating Group 3* & 4
Break Strength 400 lbs.
Water Absorption 0.5%
DCOF >0.42
*color 700 & 775 only

* Ceramic Tiles **OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has established a recognized industry standard of 0.5 (wet and dry) for slip-resistant surfaces. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends, but does not require, “a Static Coefficient of Friction of 0.60 for accessible routes and 0.80 for ramps.” ADA does not specifically state that 0.60 is both a dry and a wet requirement. It is important to note that any tile or other hard surface flooring can become slippery when wet or improperly maintained. Products installed in an exterior application must comply with applicable ANSI 108 series of the “American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile” and comply with TCA installation methods applicable to installation conditions.

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