Channel Plank Mussel

Look closely. You’ll see that the “wooden” floor beneath your feet is actually a glazed ceramic tile. With the appearance of wire-brushed reclaimed wood, this sturdy collection offers styling inspired by antique woods from the rustic countryside of the British Isles.

A wood-look ceramic tile, Channel Plank comes in a unique size—7” x 22”. It’s value-engineered in ceramic to offer a beautiful look at a wonderful price.

6 colors:

  • 100 Flax—creamy white with warm grey grain
  • 620 Cider—golden color with shades of cream and grey mixed into the grain
  • 700 Mussel— taupe-y brown with highlights of grey and cream
  • 600 Brandy—warm terra cotta with highlights of charcoal and beige
  • 760 Thicket—dark russet with charcoal and brown highlights
  • 510 Stonegate—dark Portobello mushroom color with charcoal and tan highlights

Tile Sizes & Colors
Field Tile
7″ x 22″ CS30M
Wear Rating Group 3
Break Strength 300 lbs.
Water Absorption 6%
COF (Wet) > 0.6
DCOF > 0.6
Shade Variation V2

This tile features random variations of shade and texture within each carton. To insure optimum appearance, it is imperative that tiles from various cartons be continually blended during installation. Placement of tiles should be decided on before beginning installation.

* Ceramic Tiles **OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has established a recognized industry standard of 0.5 (wet and dry) for slip-resistant surfaces. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends, but does not require, “a Static Coefficient of Friction of 0.60 for accessible routes and 0.80 for ramps.” ADA does not specifically state that 0.60 is both a dry and a wet requirement. It is important to note that any tile or other hard surface flooring can become slippery when wet or improperly maintained. Products installed in an exterior application must comply with applicable ANSI 108 series of the “American National Standard Specifications for the Installation of Ceramic Tile” and comply with TCA installation methods applicable to installation conditions.

Approved Usage

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