You’ll find our Heisman Trophy carpet to be cozy and comfortable in just about any room in the house. Once you see our unbeatable prices, you very well may decide that your search is over.

Of course, to get the best performance and the longest, most beautiful life from your new carpet, here’s a Carpet Care Checklist.

  • Only install your Heisman Trophy carpet in appropriate areas of your home.
  • Use our professional carpet installers for best results.
  • Use a quality carpet pad at the correct thickness.
  • Always have clean walk-off mats at all entrances to capture outside soil before it’s tracked in.
  • Vacuum regularly with a Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned using deep cleaning extraction every 12-18 months by a Seal of Approval professional.
  • Always attend to accidents and spills immediately by blotting the spill with a damp, white absorbent towel.
  • Have professionals remove stains caused by markers.
  • Only use Seal of Approval spot cleaners.
  • See “Spot Cleaning Guide” in the Warranty and Care Guide for more tips or visit

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