The name says it all. Expect comfort and durability at an affordable price. You’ll enjoy the range of colors, some of which feature a subtle yet still very present multi-color pile.

Of course, to get the best performance and the longest, most beautiful life from your new carpet, here’s a Carpet Care Checklist.

  • Only install your Great Expectations carpet in appropriate areas of your home.
  • Use our professional carpet installers for best results.
  • Use a quality carpet pad at the correct thickness.
  • Always have clean walk-off mats at all entrances to capture outside soil before it’s tracked in.
  • Vacuum regularly with a Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner.
  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned using deep cleaning extraction every 12-18 months by a Seal of Approval professional.
  • Always attend to accidents and spills immediately by blotting the spill with a damp, white absorbent towel.
  • Have professionals remove stains caused by markers.
  • Only use Seal of Approval spot cleaners.

See “Spot Cleaning Guide” in the Warranty and Care Guide for more tips or visit

  • Great Expectations - 1719

    Great Expectations - 1719

  • Great Expectations - 1825

    Great Expectations - 1825

  • Great Expectations - ImpressMe

    Great Expectations - ImpressMe

  • Great Expectations - 1826

    Great Expectations - 1826

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