About Us

John Stacy, the owner of S&H, sometimes thinks of his stores as the $5-off place, because most of the time this is exactly what S&H can save you over the exact same product from another store. If you are flexible, we can save you 50%, sometimes even up to 70%. On our special purchases, we can literally install your carpet for less than what our competition is paying for the same or similar carpet.

How so? Well the Stacy family has a long held motto – “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” They love a bargain. In fact, the Stacys are legendary bargain hunters! Their philosophy: “If it’s a good deal for us, then it will be a good deal for our customers. If it’s a good deal for our customers, then our customers will tell friends and family.” This simple idea has been the key to the company’s success.

The foundation for S&H was laid out with John’s own heritage. Born in Dalton, Georgia, the carpet capital of the world, he received a degree from the University of Georgia in 1967. He worked with a number of different mills during the next 20 years, rising to national sales manager of one mill. All the time, he was gaining the product knowledge and developing personal relationships with the mills. These relationships have enabled S&H to be first on the list for great bargains, and those relationships have been cherished ever since.